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They were married in 1966 and separed in the 1980s but never divorced.She was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in 1995 and he remains close to her.He will next appear in 31 North 62 East, Prisoners of the Sun and Medium Raw.He has 2 children, Ben and Tom with Suzanne Wilkinson.THEN AND NOWSean A has been very busy since his role as Frodo's loyal gardener Samwise Gamgee.

I've seen a lot of comments along the lines of "too bad ONTD wasn't around when the LOTR movies were released" and "we need more Viggo posts".

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But you wouldn't know this if you didn't first get through a five-minute-long visual starring Michael B.

Billy is the lead singer and co-songwriter in the band Beecake.

They have released some music through their myspace as well as an EP and their first album should be available later this year.

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  1. These shell rings are numerous in South Carolina and Georgia, but are also found scattered around the Florida Peninsula and along the Gulf of Mexico coast as far west as the Pearl River.